This Service provides a high quality and effective automotive website for your shop. We know having a website is only half the battle, you shop’s website also needs to be found by potential customers to be effective. We have solved both of these needs with our new automotive website service.

More and more people are tossing their phone books and going online to find a local automotive service shop to repair or service their vehicle.

We know finding an affordable and quality website company or person can be difficult and expensive. Trying to just get simple changes made can take too long and cost too much.

We want to make the process of getting online, simple and affordable for our clients. As the internet continues to grow and replace traditional ways to market your business, we want you ready for it.

Our Website designs and hosting will position your shop for the future and beyond. You just leave the technical stuff to us and focus on your shop.

If they didn’t find YOU on the internet, then they found your competition.

Do I Need a Website?

The simple answer is YES. Lets explore the different areas that a website helps your shop with, regardless of being located in a rural area, small town, the suburbs or in a big city.

New Customer Marketing

When a person is new to town, not happy with the service at their current shop or simply does not want to take their car back to the dealer for service – they will look on the internet for shops in their area. You want to be in front of these searches when they happen.

Existing Customer Marketing

Most visitors to your website will be existing customers, who may or may not have your phone number handy. When they need a service or repair they type in your shop’s name in a search box to get your phone number to contact you. What comes up when they do this? You want them to find your website as the first option and not hope that they find you and not happen to stumble across another shop in town.

Also a website is a simple and inexpensive way to post specials, announcements and events to your customers.

Referral Marketing

When some one asks their friends or family which shop they use, the answer might be “Joe’s down on 50th”. They will then want to check you out, so they do a search on the internet again you want them to find your shop and a website that will assure them that they will be treated well.

Public Relations

Does your current website properly represent your business? Your shop’s image on the internet may be the first thing a person sees when deciding to give you a call. How your website represents your shop may be the difference between them calling you or your competitor.

We have also seen examples of a news organization doing a piece on Honest Auto Shops and finding an MS! website that communicated exactly what they were looking for and ended up on the evening news.

Are you involved in the local community? Displaying your affiliations and charitable activities can be a big drawn in someone being interested in doing business with your shop.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

This is creating and setting up your website so that Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can more easily read and understand your site and what you do. The result of this is that when someone types in what you do, your site then comes up on the search results, obviously the higher the better.

Another part of Search Engine Optimization is Business Listings, these are like the Yellow Pages of the internet. You will see these when you do a Google search and see the map of local businesses or a site like comes up in the search results. You want to make sure your website is also positioned well in these results.

We want your site found and you getting your slice of the thousands of potential searches in your area. In addition to creating and hosting your new website we also offer Search Engine Optimization for your site. This is done on the initial website and reviewed and adjusted as need every month. As search patterns and requirements change we will be there making the changes for you.

Automotive Responsive Mobile Enable Site Designs


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