The Best of the Best for Those Who Don’t Want to Compromise

A custom personal branded SpiderNewMedia website (powered by WordPress) with famous personal SpiderNewMedia written story about you quickly communicates to visitors your professionalism, establishes a connection that makes people care about you and demonstrates in a simple, well-arranged site what the consumer can find there.

What you get:
*12 pages with Contact page/form
*Quality SpiderNewMedia design to communicate your quality and credibility and attract new clients
*Premier SpiderNewMedia story about you, developing your marketing theme and
*your personal brand. The same personal story found in our popular brochures
*Powered by WordPress functionality so you or your assistant can manage your website without a tech person
*Comes bundled with IXactContact CRM (Customer Relationship Management)system
*Email marketing system and HTML email designs uploaded into your IXactContact account
*Lead generation forms

Comes with these pages and navigation:

*Home Page
*Bio page
*Featured Properties (post your listings or IDX feed supplied by you or sign up for H/H IDX partner, Ihomefinder)
*Featured Communities
*Property Search (you supply IDX link or sign up for Ihomefinder through H/H)
*Blog (built into your site for better SEO)
*Seller Info
*Buyer Info
*Local Events/Info

Plus these three sidebar callouts for lead generation:

*New Listings Alert
*What’s My Home Worth?
*Ready to Move Now

Website Refresh

*Your SpiderNewMedia site is still a powerful and effective website. The WordPress platform allows you to add pages and add content on the fly.
*Also, all new Hobbs/Herder website refreshes incorporate the latest web design innovations and design trends, including your website built to 1050 pixels wide.

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