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Remarketing is a way to advertise on the Display network but for it to be more targeted. By using a special tracking code, cookies can be placed on people’s computers who have visited your website. For example if someone visits your website and added something to a shopping cart but did not purchase at that time, wouldn’t you want to gently remind them about your website? Remarketing lets you show previous visitors to your website a banner ad, whilst they are browsing the internet. The idea is that this reminder will entice them back into your online store and hopefully they will then make a sale.

Remember that this is remarketing not stalking. Be aware that “pestering “clients could potentially put them off buying from your company altogether so utilize the tools within Google AdWords to monitor this.

1.    Exclusions: – If someone has already bought something from you; that is completed the checkout process, be cautious about including them in your remarketing. An online store selling one or two key items would be wise to exclude “completed sales” from their list as to avoid annoying customers. These people are unlikely to come back and purchase the same product again.
2.    Frequency capping: – People who have purchased for example some party supplies, might very well purchase again but it would be frustrating for the client if they saw your advert all the time. Select the option in Google to limit the number of times a person sees your advert to just a few times per day.
3.    Testing: – Test different landing pages and banner ads but if that particular ad group is not performing after a few weeks, then it is easy enough to switch it off.
Remarketing is powerful way to drive targeted traffic back to your website but take caution with how aggressively this is done. Keep in mind that it should be a fairly subtle reminder about your brand and not forcing your product onto consumers.

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, isn’t something that may come to mind when a company is trying to beat their competitors. Generally, marketers focus heavily on SEO and SEM initiatives to stay competitive. However, this advertising technique can be a very effective tool for companies looking to gain a competitive edge over their biggest competitors.

Display ad retargeting lets companies serve banner ads to everyone who leaves their website without completing a purchase. While it can helps brands nurture current leads and activate their current audience, it is also a helpful tactic to stay competitive through 3 key ways:

Look Bigger – Retargeting serves your ads to anyone who has visited your website. The great thing about this is that your ads can show up anywhere – from the most popular newspaper websites to the most niche message boards. Also, here’s a little secret: you don’t have to only retarget your website’s visitors! You can actually serve ads to your target demographic, and remarket people from those ads! This makes your brand look bigger to anyone who has visited your website, and if you’re ranking well on the search engines, then on-the-fence consumers will be impressed by your media spend as opposed to your competitors’.

Stay Top Of Mind – Remarketing your brand presence and giving people an additional way to visit your site adds a psychological effect to your prospective customers as well. Even if your retargeted ads don’t get clicked on, they are still being seen. Think of this as a “billboard effect” – people can’t click on billboards, but they still see them and have their purchase decisions influenced by them. In fact, people who visit a website after seeing a retargeted ad without clicking on it are 3x more likely to make a purchase from your website.

Drive More Sales – Ultimately, you want to sell more product than your competitor. Using retargeting, you’ll be able to drive more sales. In fact, once a retargeted consumer visits your website, he or she is 5x more likely to buy from you.?It’s time to stop losing online sales to your competitors! You spend a lot of time and money on your SEM and SEO initiatives, but adding retargeting to your marketing efforts will give you that needed competitive boost. If you have any questions on the technology, please feel free to comment below and I will answer it as well as I can.

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Utilize targeted remarketing campaigns.

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